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Crispy Duck Pancakes

This dish has to be the tastiest way to satisfy your meat AND takeaway cravings at the same time! Not only is this so easy to construct, but it’s perfect for entertaining and super fun to eat. Simply assemble each wrap yourself, and pass the dishes around for everyone to enjoy.

Communal recipes like this are a great way to share good food and wholesome experiences with friends and families. By introducing more cruelty-free options into your life with meals like this one, you can reduce your impact of your everyday choices without sacrifices on the flavours and recipes that you love to enjoy.




  • Plantasia Roast Duck pack 
  • 1 x Bunch spring onion 
  • 1 x cucumber 
  • 1 x packet of peking duck pancakes 
  • 1 x bottle of Hoisin Sauce


  • Start cutting out the seeds from the cucumber and slicing that into thin strips. Shredding the spring onion into thin strips as well. Set both aside
  • After cutting the Plantasia Roast Duck into pieces about 1-2 cm thick, heat the olive oil in a large, non-stick frying pan and fry the mock duck until it turns golden. Set aside.\
  • Steam the pancakes in a steamer for 3-5 minutes.
  • Place the heated pancakes, salad, sauce and crispy ‘duck’ in their own bowls/on their own plates and serve with Hoisin Sauce.

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