Vegan Roast Duck

Rich, golden, and complex.

With its rich, complex flavour and golden colour, our 100% plant-based Roast Duck can be savoured in a vast range of Asian inspired dishes. Simply combine your favourite spices and fresh ingredients with our tender Roast Duck, for a sumptuous plant-based meal made your way!


Wheat Protein, Vegetable Oil, Vegetarian Seasoning (Flavour Enhancers (621, 631, 627), Soy Sauce, Sugar, Salt.


Contains: Gluten (Wheat), Soybeans.



Servings per package: 3.6

Serving size: 100g

Nutrition Avg Qty Per 100g Avg Qty Per Serving
Energy Approx.607kJ Approx.607kJ
Protein Approx.20g Approx.20g
Fat, total Approx.1.5g Approx.1.5g
– saturated Approx.1g Approx.1g
Carbohydrate Approx.13g Approx.13g
– sugars Approx.2g Approx.2g
Dietary Fibre Approx.6.0g Approx.6.0g
Sodium Approx.610mg Approx.610mg

Nutritional information may be subject to change. Always check the label displayed on the back of pack to ensure PlantAsia products are suitable for you.